How to FILL Raised Garden Beds CHEAP and EASY

Today I intend to share exactly how to load a raised bed garden and save cash. I have utilized this approach for several years in my yard and the outcomes have been unbelievable. You will see thoroughly how I fill my elevated beds, the results I have actually had with this method, and a detailed overview on exactly how to do it.
This idea comes from an old horticulture strategy called hugelkultur, where you fill all-time low of your beds with logs, sticks, leaves, and any type of organic issue that you have. You will save money since you will just need to fill the leading 12 to 18 inches with top quality soil and the remainder will certainly be filler. On top of your logs and sticks layer you can add indigenous soil, compost, or old potting mix like I did. So never ever throw your old potting mix away, reuse your potting mix to fill the base of your raised bed yard.

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