How to Plant Fruit Trees for MAXIMUM Growth and Fruiting

It’s bare origin growing season which is the ideal time to plant fruit trees … as well as the least expensive. In this video I go with everything you need to understand to consisting of exactly how to grow a bare origin fruit tree, how to prune a bare root fruit tree, just how to expand a fruit tree from bare origin.

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It’s sort of a long video clip, so below is a time stamp table of materials!

02:45 Chill Hours for bare root fruit trees
03:24 Do I require a pollinator for my fruit tree?
04:28 Bare root fruit tree Sun & Spacing Requirements
06:50 Check bare roots
07:37 Ready to Plant our bare root fruit tree!
09:05 Fruit Tree Gopher/Groundhog Protection
11:00 Back to Planting or fruit tree
12:10 Best way to stake a fruit tree
13:43 How to prune a bare origin fruit tree

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