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When planting a bush you wind up making use of a whole lot of plants. You can acquire them or you can circulate your own, which is much more affordable, using existing bushes. Subscribe
Hannah has a couple of plants of Sticky Hop Bush that work as a windbreak however she ‘d such as to include some much more. Cuttings taken from these bushes will be duplicates of the moms and dad plants, so she understands they will certainly expand specifically the exact same, which works for hedging.

She takes semi-hardwood cuttings – the wood in between the harder, rigid older growth and the drooping, flexible brand-new growth. Semi-hardwood is great to utilize in the warmer months.

Trim the cuttings to regarding 15cm lengthy and snip off a lot of the leaves and any kind of side stems to lower water loss but leave enough so the cutting can still make and photosynthesise power. Minimizing the fallen leave surface also a lot more if staying leaves are very big it can aid to cut them in half.

Fill pots with a good-quality potting mix and produce holes for the cuttings with a dibber initially, instead than pushing them in and damaging the delicate cells at the end of the stems. Hannah dips the bottom end of her cuttings right into honey, which has some antifungal and disinfectant properties. You can also make use of rooting hormone, in either a powder or gel form.

Company the potting mix in around the cuttings, water in well, and maintain in a warm, vibrantly lit place, out of direct sunlight.

Featured plants:
Sticky Hop Bush (Dodonaea viscosa).

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