July Backyard Garden Tour AND An Introduction! 🐰 :: Small Space Gardening Zone 9b

β€œIn every gardener there is a child who believes in the seed fairy.” -Robert Brault

Welcome! Consider this video a friendly reminder to start thinking about your 2023 cut flower garden!! πŸ˜† I know it’s only July, but it’s actually time to start planning for the garden if you are thinking about doing fall sowing and the Cool Flower Method this upcoming year! ⏰Enjoy!

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My DIY Wattle Fence Video:

Proven Winners Bellini Tomatos: https://www.provenwinners.com/plants/solanum/tempting-tomatoes-bellini-cocktail-tomato-solanum-lycopersicum

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This video is not sponsored, however some plants in my garden have been provided to me to try out!

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