Stephen Gardner Update: Vice President Kamala Harris dealt with criticism for her position on Gaza during the Israel-Hamas conflict. While calling for Gaza to be ruled by a Palestinian Authority post-war, Harris stressed the demand for reinforcing this authority over time.

Harris devoted $3 billion of U.S. taxpayer cash to aid various other nations in resolving environment modification, raising inquiries regarding top priorities amid residential challenges. The script noted the target market’s duty in deciding whether this step was damaging or valuable.

The script discussed Israel’s problem with Hamas, highlighting Israel’s launch of a map to Gaza civilians offering pre-attack cautions. The descent right into southern Gaza reportedly surprised Hamas, potentially escalating the dispute among private citizens and affecting Hamas’s assistance.

Concerning Ukraine, President Zelensky shared aggravation regarding the lack of troops and recommended that more tools can have been supplied by the U.S. to assist in defense. Zelensky positioned some blame on the U.S., emphasizing the need to be determined regardless of difficulties.

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