New Details: Hamas Invades Israel

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Breaking news report from Stephen Gardner. Israel declares war on Hamas after a surprising rocket attack. I have some breaking news coming out of Israel this morning. Israel has officially declared war on Palestine after Palestine did an early morning surprise attack with upwards of 5000 missiles and rockets being fired. Around 7 am this morning as Israel was halfway through their Shabbat or Sabbath siren began going off letting citizens know there were incoming missiles. While the rockets and missiles were flying in, Palestine had troops on the groundbreaking through Israel’s parameter fencing armed with heavy weapons. They also came in via boat and dropped in from the air. This was an unexpected and well-coordinated attack. As of right no several hundred Israelis are dead with thousands injured. Israel immediately began a counter-offensive that has killed at least 200 Palestinians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has convened his war council and officially declared war on Hamas. It’s not clear if the United States will get involved or send weapons or wait for word from our Israeli partners. As of right now, this Gaza strip is shut down as well as several major Israeli highways. This is a developing story that I will follow and report back on.

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