New White House Cover-up BACKFIRES Immediately | Biden Humiliated

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In this video, Ford Motors provides an update on the United Auto Union strike, highlighting ongoing gaps in negotiations. President Joe Biden plans to visit striking auto workers in Michigan, but former President Donald Trump announced his visit first, sparking a political exchange.
Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez refuses to resign amid a bribery investigation involving seized cash and gold. Trump criticizes Senate Democrats, and questions arise about mortgage payments.
IRS agent Darrell Waldon’s testimony suggests Hunter Biden received preferential treatment when charges were considered in California and D.C., conflicting with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement.
The White House attempts to influence ABC and The Washington Post to retract a poll favoring Donald Trump over Biden by 10 points. Respondents express concerns about inflation, the southern border crisis, and high gas prices.
Speculation arises about Michelle Obama potentially entering the presidential race due to lucrative speaking engagements. Ukrainian President Zelensky and Canadian President Trudeau face backlash for applauding a former soldier linked to Nazi Germany.
Poland’s Ambassador demands an apology for celebrating the soldier, highlighting the atrocities he committed. Lastly, a leaked revelation indicates US taxpayer money supports Ukrainian workers and businesses, raising questions about government priorities.
The video touches on a range of topics, from political maneuvers and controversies to international diplomacy and taxpayer concerns.

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