No-Dig Gardening for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide with Cardboard and Compost

My “maximum garden compost” technique for starting out. Include a lot to make brand-new beds, after that very little in succeeding years. See the follow up to exactly how we grew potatoes as well as leeks, on the beds in this video’s thumbnail

The cardboard is only for this phase of smothering weeds – keep them at night and also they expire! You do not need to lay any kind of even more cardboard, as soon as there are no weeds.
For just how to proceed, see my Tools and also Techniques video

You can make use of much less compost. Lay thick card on weeds then 2in/5cm compost asap in early spring, and also wet the card if it’s completely dry. Use a trowel to ‘cut’ potato size holes in the card and also a little into the small soil listed below, to stand out in a seed potato. This can provide some harvest by summer, while killing weeds too, yet you need to draw any type of weeds you see:-RRB-.
Using much less garden compost for no dig

If you do not have accessibility to any garden compost, use old leaves, manure at the very least half-decomposed – or at limit the one month old you see in this video clip. Lead to year one will be less dazzling than in succeeding years, yet you will be getting rid of weeds conveniently along with having a harvest.
Veggies like potatoes, squash and zucchini expand well though cardboard and also less-perfect garden compost. After they complete you might plant kale or leeks etc.

POSTSCRIPT JULY 2020 the Charlotte potatoes from the 2 beds in the thumbnail photo offered 54kg/119lb. We hair transplanted leeks.

00:00 Introduction– a take a look at beds created last December.
00:36 What is light-excluding mulch?
01:04 Is cardboard needed?
01:14 Killing weeds, right from the beginning, without excavating.
02:08 Now 3 months considering that mulching this slender field– grass now expanding via, how to react.
02:48 The value of creating an edge, and also exactly how to keep it by re-laying cardboard.
06:35 Some couch lawn, as well as how to get rid of it completely via mulching.
08:07 I show growing a seed potato directly into the garden compost.
09:11 I demonstrate making a new bed on weeds, with cardboard after that garden compost, as well as a quick reference on making use of soil.
11:41 Different garden compost alternatives– eco-friendly waste …
12.23 … homemade …
13:08 … mushroom …
13:49 … and also multi-purpose compost from a sack.
14:10 Firming compost with feet– not compacting! I explain the distinction.
15:30 Levelling with a shovel to obtain it prepared for planting.
15:47 About making use of wooden sides, or otherwise.
16:17 Using timber chip on the pathway.
18:11 Transplants all set to go in the ground, and also I show planting – multisown springtime onions …
19:26 Three multisown pea plants.
19:59 Why propagate, rather than sowing direct in the ground?
20:16 Cabbage, spinach and also lettuce.
21:02 Multisown beetroot, as well as I show spacing.
22:10 A beneficial investment of garden compost.
22:34 Examples of second plantings.
23:02 What occurs when the roots reach the cardboard?
23:51 Broccoli planted the previous summer season.
25:10 Thinking in advance for second/succession plantings to harvest all year as well as grow.
25:47 A take a look at some of the collected fruit and vegetables from my garden.
27:21 An included benefit of homemade veg– microorganisms, and why they are necessary.

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Recorded at Homeacres 18th March 2020 by David Adams.

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