Raised Bed Gardening: Top Questions Answered!

Raised bed gardening is a popular option and one of my favorite ways to garden. In this video I’ll answer the most common questions about how to start and maintain a raised bed garden. We’ll cover everything from selecting the right location and choosing suitable materials to preparing the soil.

Introduction 00:00
How do I choose the location? 00:23
Which direction should beds run? 00:43
What’s the best spot for a trellis? 00:53
What else should I look for in a location? 01:04
What do I do about tree roots? 01:10
What do I put underneath my beds? 02:01
What size should beds be? 02:38
How deep should beds be? 02:56
What about using elevated beds? 03:11
How can I keep beds from heating up as much? 03:32
Which material should I use? 04:03
Which type of wood is best? 04:21
What about metal beds? 04:46
Do metal beds heat up more? 05:14
How deep should soil be? 06:15
Which soil should I use? 06:23
Can I fill up the bottom of the bed with something else? 06:52
How do I feed my plants & soil? 07:16
My plants aren’t growing well, what should I do? 08:10
How should I water my beds? 08:40
How long & how often should I water? 09:11
What‘s the best time of day to water? 10:09
Should I mulch? 10:35

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