organic garden

Drip Tape vs. Drip Tube

For the past several years I have sworn by drip irrigation… still do. I’ve always used drip tube. Last year I installed drip tape in the organic vegetable garden. Now […]

Organic Gardening Basics  - Week 1 of 4

Everything you need to know to get your Spring/Summer Garden off to a great start. The rest of the season we’ll be walking through specific plants/topics together when things are […]

How to Make a Simple & Cheap Raised Bed

Exactly how to make a simple raised bed for very little cash. Link to School of Traditional Skills: Textile & Metal Raised Beds:


Get one of the most out of your horticulture area with square-foot horticulture! In this video, you’ll learn what square foot horticulture is as well as the benefits (including the […]