“They are PSYCHOPATHS” Former Democrat Exposes Party’s Evil Past

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The meeting features Vince Ellison, who suggests that the Democratic Party is proactively attempting to turn America into a Marxist country. Ellison mentions they have a long history of attempting to legally murder Americans, dating back to supporting slavery and later on abortion.

Ellison likewise talks about the background of bigotry and the Ku Klux Klan, arguing they were linked to the Democratic Party, not the Republicans. He explains how the Democrats have actually kept black neighborhoods inadequate and under their control.

The discussion discuss replacement concept – the idea that leftists intend to remove white people by motivating unlawful migration and abortion. Ellison alerts this will lead to physical violence versus white individuals in the future.

Ellison is important of popular black preachers and civil liberties leaders like Jesse Jackson, declaring they are mostly on the Democratic Party payroll and maintain black communities supporting Democrats through incorrect faith and pledges.

The job interviewer keeps in mind Ellison’s argument that Democrats tactically separate white and black Christians that should unite based upon their faith. Ellison mentions they have actually penetrated black churches and made them arms of the Democratic celebration.

In total amount, Ellison portrays the Democratic Party as a bad organization with a background of racism, control, and moral decay that proceeds to mislead susceptible areas today. He advises people to get up to the reality he offers in his various publications.

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