This is the TRUTH about the COMING COLLAPSE! | Gregory Mannarino

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In the interview, Greg Mannarino and Stephen Gardner talk about the state of the United States economic climate, the actions of the Federal Reserve, and the possible impact on the stock exchange. He shares worries about the market being a “big fat unsightly bubble” and highlights the role of the Federal Reserve in inflating it. Mannarino suggests that the central financial institutions, especially the Federal Reserve, are deliberately creating a system that benefits business financiers and the elite while possibly leading to a wide range transfer impact.

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He looks into the adjustment of the financial obligation market, the influence of suppressed rates of interest, and the weakening of the buck as methods employed by main financial institutions. Mannarino criticizes the lack of cost discovery on the market, associating it to the activities of the Federal Reserve. He predicts that the central financial institutions will certainly remain to reduce rates and engage in practices that benefit the securities market, emphasizing the relevance of recognizing these mechanisms for financiers.

Mannarino supporters for diversity in investments, recommending physical possessions like gold and silver. He mentions the possible change in the direction of a digital money and the loss of privacy connected with it. The meeting concludes with a conversation on the obstacles postured by rising inflation, the possible adjustment of info, and the requirement for individuals to secure themselves from the current financial system.

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