Time to Think of Fall Plantings | Production Nursery Tour | Gardening with Creekside

Before we know it cooler temperatures will arrive and it will be the perfect time to add shrubs to your garden. It is time to begin thinking of your fall plantings, and in this week’s nursery tour, we will explore our production lots to get ideas of what you can add to your garden this fall.

🪴 Sources for the tools I use:
Pop-up garden bag https://bit.ly/3NYrR1G
Garden belt http://wheelermunroe.com/
Felcos Felco (Use GWC10 for 10% off your order) https://felco.com/
Hori Hori https://bit.ly/43o7kcs Promo Code CREEKSIDE for $10 off your purchase
Kneeling pad https://bit.ly/3rDGGPq

🪴 Companies We Partner With 🪴
Power Planter Garden Augers & Drills http://bit.ly/3ZZ98GY
Hoselink https://bit.ly/42nf9i5. Promo Code CREEKSIDE for $10 off your purchase
Proven Winners https://www.provenwinners.com/
Black Gold https://blackgold.bz/
Felco (Use GWC10 for 10% off your order) https://felco.com/

🪴 Products We Use 🪴
Garden Belt http://wheelermunroe.com/
Kinsman Garden Company https://www.kinsmangarden.com/
Gardener’s Supply Company https://www.gardeners.com/
Our Amazon Store (we receive a portion of each purchase you make)

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⏰ Nursery Hours:
Wednesday-Saturday 9am-3pm until late fall

Creekside Nursery
181 Pine Hollow Dr
Dallas, NC, 28034

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