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Sophie demonstrates how to take several of your garden with you when relocating home. Subscribe
The easiest method to take your garden with you is to collect seed.

It’s nature’s way of maintaining the future generation of plants in a secure, protected bundle. “Once you reach your new home, all you need to do is include water,” Sophie states.

– Pick seed heads from vegetables or flowers.
– Let them dry.
– Store them in a jar or envelope – and also make certain you classify them with the name and day!
– Keep them somewhere awesome and completely dry.

Digging up a living plant:
This can be difficult for a plant so doing it correctly will aid them survive.

– First reduced off about a 3rd of the leafy growth, to make up for the loss of origins.
– Dig around the plant with a sharp spade, cutting cleanly with any type of bigger origins.
– Pot it on if not moving immediately, as well as water in well. If keeping in a pot, you might require to water daily.
– Plants will require regular watering until they’re developed in their brand-new area.
– Avoid relocating the warmth of summertime – autumn and also springtime are best.

For bigger plants, take cuttings:
– Fill a pot with seed-raising mix.
– Cut simply listed below a node – where the leaves appear from a stem.
– Cut an item regarding the size of your forefinger.
– Remove the lower fallen leaves.
– Dip the cut end right into hormonal agent rooting powder or fluid.
– Make a small hole in the combine with a chopstick or dibber, placed in the cutting, and firm the mix around the stem.
– Water well and maintain cozy and wet.

It’s a good concept to take a number of cuttings and also place all the exact same species in one pot with each other – this increases humidity and prevents the cuttings from drying out.

To take a lot of cuttings – to plant a brand-new hedge for instance, you can make use of a speedling tray, which can take up to 100 cuttings or seeds.

Raising pots:
– Always lift very carefully, using a cart if available. It may be easier to empty larger pots of plant and also dirt to relocate.

Delivering plants:
– Pack utes as well as trailers firmly to prevent plants walking around. Tall plants may be best lad down and safeguarded into location.
– Cover with tarpaulins to prevent wind damages.

Intrusive plants and weeds need to never be moved from one location to an additional.

Realize that quarantine guidelines range states, so inspect prior to taking plants interstate. WA and Tasmania have specifically strict biosecurity policies.

Inspect likewise for dirt or insect pests.

Relocating significant plants after the factor of sale can break your sale contract so move plants before offering.

Featured plants:
Calendula – Calendula officinalis curriculum vitae.
Lauristinus – Viburnum tinus
Tree germander – Teucrium fruticans
Carob – Ceratonia siliqua

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