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City living deals lots of benefits– however also lots of challenges for keen garden enthusiasts.

In busy Edgecliffe, right in the heart of Sydney, a rooftop yard overlooking an active railway is the only area offered to Philip Georgiou and also Ian Belgiorno-Zegna, however they’ve still handled to take an effective, potted royal residence to appreciate outdoors.

” We’re really fortunate to have this area,” claims Phil.
The overall location is 350 square metres– and 200 square metres of that is the roof covering yard. Some is paved and also some has decking, however all the plants– from tiny succulents to olive trees– are in pots.

” I’ll make use of the herbs from here– we make use of the rosemary almost every night,” claims Ian. “Phil obtained me onto the indigenous trees and I’m eating lilly-pilly berries currently.”

Their Eureka lemon (Citrus limon cv.) tree looks actually healthy and balanced. “We had lavender beneath, yet we took it out as well as it’s actually removed,” states Ian. Because lemons don’t such as any kind of competition around their shallow origins, Costa concurs that’s an excellent move.

Costa finds a stemless glass compost container: “Because you can’t put in on the ground, this is actually proper for this area,” he claims. Transforms out it was a present from Phil to Ian for his birthday!

They’ve likewise joined the ShareWaste scheme after seeing know Gardening Australia. They get contributions of other individuals’s yard scraps to make compost to make use of on their yard.

Costa checks out the garden compost and also claims moisture wise it’s best– he recommends blending it into the soil after getting rid of a plant or spreading it around crops, ensuring to cover with mulch to quit it drying out and also eliminating the valuable microorganisms in the compost.
” Then that compost will do all those feeding and water-holding duties.”

Ian and Phil are growing peas, silverbeet, carrots, rocket, pineapples, natural herbs succulents, cycads, cacti and plenty more.

They have done a great deal of work to the roofing system area, which was all outdoor decking when they relocated in. A few of the obstacles include needing to obtain an engineer’s report to examine that the roof covering would certainly suffer the weight of their numerous pots– the large cube planters weigh even more than a tonne by the time they’re full of wet potting mix, and there are 13 of these alone, plus dozens of others.

Another issue was drain– they had to make certain all the water would certainly drain right into one corner.

The pair enjoys indigenous plants as well as have nearly 20 grevilleas, plus banksia, callistemon as well as eucalyptus. There’s likewise great deals of edible produce that they use in the kitchen. Phil’s much-loved is Grevillea rhyolitica ‘Deua Flame’, which has a pretty, dangling red flower and also intense environment-friendly fallen leaves. Due to the fact that they flower all year around and attract tons of , he enjoys them.

They ask Costa about how best to prune a bottlebrush tree to reduce the size without hacking it way too much. Costa suggests trimming back the flower spikes after flowering. “That will certainly maintain it dense as well as good,” he claims. Reducing any dieback from the centre will likewise motivate even more light in, as well as therefore a lot more shoots.

The row of larger native plants offers the yard some privacy from adjoining buildings and a nice sight from the resting space.

Ian makes a rosemary sugar syrup to utilize in mixed drinks, so Costa presents him with a lemon myrtle bush (Backhousia citriodora) that he’ll have the ability to use for lemon-flavoured beverages, also.

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