UNBELIEVABLE Trump Prediction From Election Expert!

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Stephen Gardner and guest Roger Stone. The current major news story centers around Donald Trump’s ban from the ballot in Colorado, attributed to the state’s Supreme Court linking him to the Capitol insurrection. The controversy prompts questions about the fairness of the ban and whether the Federal Supreme Court will intervene to decide if Trump can run and if the 14th Amendment clause applies to him. Legal expert Alan Dershowitz argues that Trump, not being an officer, may not be subject to this Civil War-era stipulation.

Some believe that the Colorado banishment could paradoxically strengthen Trump, as it fuels a narrative of the Biden administration harassing a formidable election competitor. Additionally, speculation arises about Vivek Ramaswamy possibly vying for the vice-presidential position, drawing parallels with Colorado’s example, echoing Trump’s sentiments, and appealing to the MAGA base.

Comparative polling data suggests that both RFK Jr. and Trump are outperforming Biden in various areas and states, prompting consideration of the significance of these polls and whether Trump should concentrate on swing states.

An interesting insight emerges regarding the influence of single-issue voters within the Democratic Party, particularly those focused on preserving abortion rights for women. This raises the question of the primary talking points for Republicans and whether multiple issues need addressing.

The role of media headlines in shaping public opinion is questioned, with concerns that sensationalized headlines may mislead readers who might not delve into the full articles. An example is provided where a headline promises “incendiary evidence” against Trump, but the content revolves around older January 6th talking points, casting doubt on the media’s agenda.

In conclusion, the political landscape is rife with controversies surrounding Trump’s eligibility, potential VP candidates, polling comparisons, key issues for Democrats and Republicans, and media manipulation through headlines.

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