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Recent advancements consist of the Supreme Court case invalidating Trump from Colorado’s ballot, with links to a Biden management member. House Speaker Mike Johnson urges Biden to use executive powers to address boundary security, emphasizing ending the “catch & launch” policy. Marianne Williamson accuses Biden of eliminating her from the Massachusetts tally, resembling insurance claims of Biden colluding with the DNC to monopolize ballots in Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Accusations against Biden portray him as undemocratic, obstructing competition and adjusting tallies, resulting in allegations of dictatorial behavior. White House National Security representative John Kirby encounters humiliation for struggling to call foreign policy success in 2023 during a press rundown. Hillary Clinton slams Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asserting his focus is on national politics instead than securing captives’ freedom.

In the ongoing Israel-Hamas dispute, Israel proposes a 7-day ceasefire, however Hamas denies it, demanding Israel cease its offensive. The rejected bargain can have protected the release of captives and helped with humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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