WHO IS EATING MY PLANTS? 👺 | Common Garden Pest Control using Leaf Signatures

Who is eating your plants overnight while you are resting? Determine and also regulate usual yard parasites by identifying their leaf signatures in this helpful gardening video clip. In this Episode all plant lovers can secure their plants as well as improve their plant growth by using the most effective natural chemicals for eliminating typical bugs like aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, caterpillars, thrips, slugs and snails, since healthy plants suggests far better development as well as far better blooming and fruiting.
This episode will direct you detailed to recognize usual insects and also insects in your garden by exploring their leaf trademarks and take the needed actions to get rid of that certain pest from your plants.
I make sure after seeing this damage, Your first reaction is likely to spray some powerful chemical pesticide throughout your plants to eliminate those culprits without even examining even more. This is not right means to eliminate parasites. Please Spend a little time to locate out what’s eating your plants and afterwards take required action or apply pesticide or insecticide especially recommended for that pest or insect.
Yes, Today we will certainly check out Identifying those typical bugs by scanning their leaf trademarks– that’s the fallen leave damage pattern they leave after preying on your plants.
1. Zig zag fallen leave mining Pattern– Leaf Miners treatment
2. Chewed Leaves or Slime Trails
2. Chewed Leaves along the edges
3. Eaten Leaves with central holes in between veins– like Skeletonised leaves
4. Discolored Leaves + Sucking Damage
5. Drawing Damage and Deformed Leaves and also Leaf Curls
7. Fallen Leave Galls or Leaf Bumps.


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