Your COMPLETE guide to VERTICAL GARDENING!! Trellis your plants using CATTLE PANELS!

Your complete overview to upright gardening!

In this video we will go over
– What upright gardening is.
– The benefits of growing your garden vertically.
– How to develop your vertical garden (materials, devices, ect.).
– Maintenance.
– Pest & conditions.
– Commonly asked concerns.
– Harvesting your yield.

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******** Contents of This Video ******.

0:00 intro.
4:16 What is Vertical Gardening.
5:00 Grow more in less space.
5:20 Can be used as a privacy screen.
5:42 Easier to Harvest Your Yeilds.
6:21 Keeps plants off the ground.
6:59 Provides Proper air flow.
7:45 Provides a higher plant yeild.
8:25 More sunlight exposure.
9:07 Helps to control weeds.
9:44 Produces cleaner and beautiful plant yeilds.
11:13 How to expand your yard vertically.
11:22 Choosing the location.
11:43 Direction passages are facing.
12:35 Materials you will need.
12:27 Deminsions of beds.
14:24 Customizing the height of your arch.
14:58 Demonstration of arch installations.
15:38 How to set your T-posts.
15:56 Assembling your arch.
16:28 Wiring your arc.
17:19 Applying weeds obstacle.
17:34 Filling your beds with dirt.
18:25 Cost of utilizing bagged dirt.
19:33 Amending dirt with compost.
20:08 Choosing the correct range to plant.
20:57 Where to buy seeds.
21:16 List of vining trellis approved selections.
21:37 Iv never been struck in the head by a falling pumpkin.
22:53 Trellising yellow summertime squash.
23:26 List of NON vining ranges.
When to plant your seeds, 24:01.
24:17 How to grow your seeds.
25:46 How to train and safeguard your creeping plants up the trellis.
26:21 Why the creeping plants don’t brake with heavier fruit and vegetables.
26:36 What to secure your vines with.
27:58 Materials to use for elevated beds.
28:50 Using slings.
29:22 Snakes and crawlers in your tunnels.
29:43 Easy novice Vertical garden alternative.
30:40 Watering your yard.
31:41 Fertilizing your yard.
33:02 Garden insects.
34:31 Benefits of marigolds.
35:22 Cross pollination.
36:40 What to do with all of your produce.
37:27 outro.

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