FBI Hits Back At ELON MUSK After Twitter Collusion EXPOSED

Its been revealed today that hundreds of previous FBI as well as CIA agents work for twitter, facebook as well as google. It’s been revealed Nancy Pelosi was mindful of the capitol strike risks yet kept back details from capitol cops and also Sam Bankman Fried posts bail on the largest bail release in globe background.

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The senate side of congress has passed the $1.7 trillion spending costs. The bill was held up by Senator Mike Lee of Utah attempting to maintain Title 42 in area so the country will not more than run with illegal aliens yet that was overruled and also the us senate elected to pass the expense.
Since of weather condition concerns, the costs will certainly now relocate to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi where she says the house may not be able to vote until Saturday. Nonetheless, she frantically wants to pass this costs as it is her last act as audio speaker of your house.
Speaking of Pelosi, republicans have launched a record that audio speaker Pelosi stopped working to connect with the Sargeant of Arms at the capitol to have sufficient people in position. She additionally denied a request for the armed forces to have a visibility as she feared it would look bad to have the armed forces at the capitol in situation things failed. This very same records show Pelosi and also capitol cops were conscious a week in breakthrough of teams intending to assault the capitol yet rather intended as well as hoped it would not occur.
6500 trips have actually been cancelled do to the polar vortex storming hitting the US north states. The airport terminals are requesting perseverance as they deal with a huge scheduling nightmare and nervous christmas vacationers.
The FBI is striking back at Elon Musk as well as Twitter over the twitter documents. The FBI is brushing off all the damning information that have actually appeared and claiming this is all conspiracy theory while at the exact same time they are refusing to release their emails, meeting schdules and slack network interactions with the general public.
On this exact same day the DailyMail broke a tale concerning just how thousands of former FBI and also CIA representatives now help twitter, Facebook and also google. They have personal slack networks and also make much of the top choices on what people can and can not hear or see. To put it simply, these formerly qualified agents are now managing speech on social media sites and also no one understood it. Seems like something out of the George Orwell 1984 publication on managing peoples thoughts and also words secretly.
Let me recognize in the comments, do you assume the governement and also the FBI or CIA will go after Musk and make his life difficult?
He’s generally done what Edward Snowden did which is inform the American individuals their government was spying on them as well as manipulating them.

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