Head of state Biden wants $47 billion even more from Congress to give to Ukraine, Europe, Covid alleviation and Monkeypox. The United States has been training Ukraine soldiers yet now […]

WEF Leaks NEW PLAN To Control YOU!

A WEF or World Economic Forum top advisor just confessed the future these elites want to produce does not involve people as well as people are unnecessary. WEF claims humans […]

This Is Disturbing!

Biden wanted absolutely nothing to do with gas costs being his issue when they were going up however currently desires credit report for them coming down. Joe Manchin wants an […]


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Wow! I Knew It. I was RIGHT!

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Good News For YOU!

Stephen Gardner Update. JULY CASH GIVEAWAY: United States econimists show 21 days of fuel rates going down. They also see increased supply. Get the very best soap in […]