Kamala Harris Made a HUGE Mistake!

Stephen Gardner and Steve Hilton have an in depth political conversation on Biden and Trump
https://stevehiltonshow.com/ + https://twitter.com/SteveHiltonx/

– Special Counsel Robert Hur critiques Biden’s integrity, considering him unsuited for a court; Flynn inquiries Biden’s viability as the Democratic frontrunner.
– Flynn recommends Biden might not be efficiently running the nation, increasing uncertainties about his management.
– Speculation emerges regarding Gavin Newsom’s potential presidential candidateship post-Biden’s incapacity.
– California Democrat Barbara Lee recommends a $50 minimum wage, elevating concerns regarding financial usefulness and its influence on little companies.
– California’s $20 base pay for dining establishments prompts closures and cost walks, stimulating sustainability problems.
– Alexei Navalny’s death in Russian guardianship draws interest; Flynn reveals sympathy and highlights the contrast with Biden’s activities regarding Trump.
– Flynn questions Biden’s stricture of Putin’s actions while presumably engaging in comparable political maneuvers.
– Flynn welcomes listeners to follow him and tune in to his show for additional understandings and discussions on present events.

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