Obama HUMILIATES Biden by calling on White House to STEP UP!

Stephen Gardner shares various news topics. It starts with President Joe Biden considering a ceasefire agreement with Hamas in exchange for the release of hostages. Former President Barack Obama has weighed in on the situation, expressing concerns about Israel’s actions in Gaza. Stephen Gardner shares the release of two Israeli women who were held hostage and criticizes the low percentage of hostages released. He also touches on the Department of Defense’s challenges in supplying both Ukraine and Israel with weapons.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supports funding for both Israel and Ukraine. Stephen Gardner shares McConnell’s update on his health after experiencing freezing incidents, asserting that he has fully recovered. Rep. James Comer discusses the division among Republicans in electing a new House Speaker.

Stephen Gardner shares that Rep. Jim Jordan, despite an endorsement from former President Trump, couldn’t get elected. He speculates that Republicans may face internal challenges in the 2024 election. A Supreme Court decision has granted the Biden administration a temporary “stay” in a free speech case related to social media censorship, potentially impacting the 2024 election. Lastly, he mentions Coca-Cola distancing itself from Black Lives Matter due to a perceived connection with Hamas.

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