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With cautious planning and plant choice, you can expand the joyous colours of summertime for a lot longer in your garden. Subscribe
It’s great to begin with perennials – these are long-lived plants that often form globs. In cooler environments, they die back over winter and grow back when the warmer climate returns. Many go to their optimal in late summer season and fall; others blossom in springtime and can be cut down to generate an additional flush of colour in March and April.

Perennials can also be used as fillers in the garden.

Dead-heading plants such as roses also encourages more flowers.

Growing seedlings is an economic method of growing extra colour – its appears extreme yet plucking off a couple of fully grown blossoms as you grow them out gives the brand-new plant a chance to clear up in and it will generate even more flowers in the lengthy run.

Do not fail to remember vegies and natural herbs! Plants such as rainbow chard, mizuna and some lettuce will bring colour to a garden all year round.

Included plants:
Marguerite sissy – Argyranthemum frutescens curriculum vitae.
Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea curriculum vitae.
Statice – Limonium cv.
Geum – Geum cv.
Second hand – Armeria curriculum vitae.
Carnation – Dianthus curriculum vitae.
Kangaroo Paw – Anigozanthos ‘Bush Dance’.
Rose – Rosa cv.
Marigold – Tagetes curriculum vitae.
Silverbeet – Beta vulgaris cv.
Lettuce – Lactuca sativa curriculum vitae.
Mizuna – Brassica juncea curriculum vitae.
African Violet – Streptocarpus ionanthus curriculum vitae.

Always inspect species before growing: they may be environmental weeds in your location.

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