Col. Macgregor Shares BOMBSHELL Intel on UKRAINE and ISRAEL!

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Colonel Douglas Macgregor offers a news update on the Ukraine Russia battle and the Isreal Palestine conflict with Stephen Gardner. Events in Russia including Israeli tourists met by a team supposedly hostile to Jews, stimulating stress over prospective sleeper cells formed by displaced Arabs in different nations. This story finished up being a lie. Belarus President Lukashenko’s call to stop fighting in Ukraine, raising concerns about his stance concerning Putin’s rate of interests and whether it’s a betrayal or sensible monitoring. Speculation on Putin’s health and its effect on the war in Ukraine, with contrasting records on his well-being. Concerns regarding U.S. knowledge assistance for Israel, concerns regarding moneying multiple wars, and whether the Treasury Secretary’s statement mirrors confidence in financial backing or is merely bluffing. The Israeli Defense Forces’ choice for a slower ground strike on Hamas in Gaza, motivating conversations concerning the approach’s relevance.
Considerations pertaining to Israel’s diplomatic abilities in the middle of increased feelings in the region.

Analysis of possible interventions by Turkey and Jordan in the Israel-Gaza dispute and Ukraine’s obstacles in maintaining alliances amid several fronts. Evaluation of prospective threats to Israel, including the perceived danger presented by the Turkish military. The recent run-in between a U.S. B-52 bomber and a Chinese boxer jet and the inspirations behind such encounters, elevating questions of intimidation and provocation between the two countries. Reports of Chinese warships in the Persian Gulf, prompting supposition about whether their presence is related to protecting passions or targeted at intimidating Israel.

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