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Ex-CIA: Ukraine is being WIPED OUT by Putin!

Trump awarded MAJOR triumph in incompetency case -https://youtu.be/vK0eOr9Wn40. In a recent meeting with Stephen Gardner and Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, the discussion covered numerous pushing concerns associated with the […]

Ex-CIA: Ukraine Makes HUGE MISTAKE!

This is a misfortune for America – https://youtu.be/qIn6BxKB8_g Former CIA expert Ray McGovern and Stephen Gardner go over the Ukraine-Russia war and the Israel-Gaza conflict. Update On Ukraine, he says […]

US Colonel: Pentagon PANICS over THIS new Leak

Stephen Gardner and retired Colonel Darin Gaub discuss the Israel-Palestine fighting. We discuss the Ukraine-Russia war and how China is watching all of this to maximize opportunities against the US […]