US Colonel: Pentagon PANICS over THIS new Leak

Stephen Gardner and retired Colonel Darin Gaub discuss the Israel-Palestine fighting. We discuss the Ukraine-Russia war and how China is watching all of this to maximize opportunities against the US or make a move on Taiwan. The Afghanistan withdrawal gave other nations the courage to make moves they never would have made. Ukraine is getting no attention as everyone panics over Israel. This interview also covers the real dangers facing the US border crisis.

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The transcript covers a discussion between a journalist and a military analyst about the recent attacks in Israel by Hamas, which were supported by Iran. They discuss how the attacks seem to have caught U.S. and Israeli intelligence off-guard, and question whether they had prior knowledge but turned a “blind eye.” The analyst notes this is reminiscent of missing the warning signs before 9/11. They discuss how the U.S. providing billions in sanctions relief to Iran empowered them to fund these attacks, contrary to claims the money was just for humanitarian purposes. The analyst warns this conflict distracts from the war in Ukraine and could allow China to make a move on Taiwan. Domestically, they are concerned terrorists are entering the U.S. through the open southern border, with some on terrorist watch lists. The analyst compares the insecure U.S. border to the fortified Israel/Gaza border. They criticize the Biden administration’s handling of border security, saying the government is failing to protect its citizens. The analyst warns the border situation could lead to violent crime in the U.S. like what is happening in Sweden. Overall, the analyst believes the U.S. government is severely compromised and failing to serve the interests of its citizens.

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