Ex-CIA: Ukraine Makes HUGE MISTAKE!

This is a misfortune for America – https://youtu.be/qIn6BxKB8_g
Former CIA expert Ray McGovern and Stephen Gardner go over the Ukraine-Russia war and the Israel-Gaza conflict. Update On Ukraine, he says General Zelenskyy is right it’s a standoff and President Zelenskyy is delusional thinking Ukraine can still win.

On Gaza, McGovern condemns the genocide and ethnic cleaning, saying polite pressure, not army pressure, is required however the U.S. roots for Israel unconditionally. He alerts local powers like Turkey might step in if the slaughter continues, while U.S. posturing could spark problem with Russia or Iran. McGovern connections Gaza to Netanyahu’s political survival, believing he thinks unconditional U.S. assistance allows him prevail, not recognizing how international power has straightened. McGovern likewise recounts past corruption like Morell utilizing intelligence officials to reject the Hunter Biden laptop story. He argues genuine modification calls for citizens challenging the system, as power returns absolutely nothing without need.

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