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Letitia James has FULL BLOWN MELTDOWN as Trump pulls off a MIRACLE! Miranda’s publication – Follow Miranda’s job at the New York Post.
– Miranda Devine is a reporter at the New York Post and writer understood for subjecting the Hunter Biden laptop tale
– The interview reviews the Robert Hur record on Biden’s mishandling of categorized papers
– Devine claims Biden appears to be a “scam artist” based on his reactions in the Hur report records
– He declares memory lapses/confusion when asked incriminating inquiries
– He raises his deceased kid Beau regularly as a diversion strategy
– He goes off on tangents and attempts to filibuster to lose time
– Devine thinks Biden is being deceitful about his memory problems for practical avoidance of liability
– She thinks there was an intentional coverup of the laptop tale by the intelligence community to stop Trump’s re-election
– The “laptop computer from heck” exposed Biden family members corruption and international service dealings
– 51 previous intel authorities wrongly claimed it was Russian disinformation to secure Biden
– CIA was actively included in promoting this disinformation and approving
– Devine affirms this interference might have altered the outcome of the 2020 election
– Her new book will certainly better information the coverup initiatives by the knowledge agencies versus Trump
– She argues Biden has actually long been groomed by the “intelligence ball” as their recommended candidate over the independent Trump
– The laptop disclosed Biden’s background of influence peddling and offering accessibility internationally for his household’s revenue
– Devine purposes to subject the reality behind Biden’s cultivated image as a sincere, ethical husband

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