WARNING! They’re USHERING In The Collapse of the US DOLLAR | Greg Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino shares with Stephen Gardner how the United States dollar is being targeted, a CBDC currency will be introduced to control us and conceal corruption as well as it’s all being done intentionally by the central lenders. Jerome Powell as well as the Federal government will certainly usher in the next situation in order to position more restrictions on our cash, freedom and also spending.

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Timestamp: 0:01 Gregory Mannarino opens up about the financial debt ceiling dilemma being solved
1:30 This looks great on paper but will certainly lead to even more National Debt
3:00 The Government will certainly produce a situation in order to regulate us even more
5:30 The debt-based financial system we have is a curse to shackle us
8:30 Wiping out the center class belongs to the control plan
9:50 Media is attempting to suppress the objections in France over tinkering citizens cash
11:30 Cutting down local business to prop up industry government can regulate becomes part of the strategy
14:30 People are borrowing from their 401k at a worrying price
16:15 What is the most effective point the ordinary American can do with their cash currently?
20:00 people need to research the Gold to Dow Ratio as well as the Gold To silver ratio
20:50 The Fed will certainly stop on rates of interest walks

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