You Can Grow Food in the Winter! January Vegetable Garden Tour

John from reveals you what he is expanding and collecting now in his winter natural vegetable garden. You will certainly find out the veggies that he expands in the cool period in his area 9a desert garden.

In this episode, John strolls you around his backyard Mohave desert city vegetable garden, as well as show you all the vegetables he has planted in his yard. You will also learn more about a chilly tolerant avocado that he grew from seed.

You will also learn more about some of the special vegetables he is expanding as well as why he favors to grow some veggies instead of others.

You will learn what he was able to grow over the winter season when the weather obtained below freezing on lots of nights. You will certainly additionally learn which plants grow the ideal with much less sun exposure.

Jump to the complying with components of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:30 What the Weather Has Been Like. Exactly how a lot has it frosted?
01:07 Long Bed Against Block Fence Wall
01:50 4×16 ft bed: 102 Lettuce
02:25 4×16 Fast-growing light mustard environment-friendlies
03:48 4×8 Perennial Tree Collards
04:44 4×8 Mixed Greens + Peppers Still Alie
05:28 Perennial Tropical Edible Plants
06:45 Grow this Citrus Fruit
07:13 4×16 Perennial Bed (unmanaged).
07:58 Round 4′ Raised Beds.
08:20 Rosemary and also Sage.
08:40 Indian Cress & yomogi.
09:25 Frost Tolerant Avocados from Seed.
10:17 Goji Berry & Jerusalem Artichokes.
10:55 Mesculin Mix Bed – Fast Growing.
11:29 Grow as well as Eat Your Leafy Greens.
11:54 Outredgeous Red Lettuce.
12:23 Red Sails & New Red Fire.
12:48 Melody & Green Beret Spinach.
13:40 Olla Waters this pot of Greens.
14:09 Floretto Sprouting Cauliflower – Eat the Leaves.
14:48 Mesculin Mix Bed.
15:02 Tree Collards + Mint + Leeks.
15:34 Green Onions + Walking Onions + Lemon Balm.
15:53 Collards, Cabbage,.
16:12 Curly Parsley Bed.
16:40 Snow Crown Cauliflower.
17:10 Sugar Snap Peas in 12′ lengthy bed.
17:55 Brocolli Flowering – Eat Fresh as well as Raw.
18:40 Curly Kale, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts &.
19:00 Brocolli and Cauliflower.
19:20 Aloe Vera in 5-gallon pots.
19:37 Perennial Herbs- Oregano, Mint & Lavender.
20:04 Burgandy Brocolli.
20:29 Long Island Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower.
21:04 Dormant Fig Trees.
21:46 Grow a Winter Garden in Zone 9 or over it is less complicated!
22:27 Grow Your Leafy Greens Vegetables.

After watching this episode, you will certainly be much more acquainted with a few of the cold-tolerant veggies that you need to expand if you stay in an environment that can lightly freeze in the autumn as well as winter months so you can remain to grow your health food.

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