đź”´Douglas Macgregor reaction to Russia-Ukraine Catastrophe and Tucker Carlson Putin Interview

Retired Military Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares shocking truths with Stephen Gardner concerning the Russia Ukraine war, Zelensky, Putin, Israel and Iran. The US government has actually become a cash laundering device for the abundant and the Washington DC overload is dirtier and much deeper than we understood.

– Senate passed a $95 billion safety bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan; Republicans joined Democrats, reducing funds for United States safety and security, youngsters, senior citizens, and professionals
– Is this expense an example of the Military Industrial Complex warned by Eisenhower?
– House Republicans impeached DHS head Mayorkas, initial cupboard member impeached given that 1876; Importance of impeachment questioned
– Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin discussed; Putin’s objection of United States concerns and willingness to speak up on United States concerns highlighted
– Putin’s complication regarding the West’s hesitation for peace with Russia stressed; Claims of West interrupting peace negotiation attended to
– Concerns increased about Biden’s wellness and leadership in the army amidst records of weak memory and energy
– Speculation on Russia-Ukraine dispute under Trump presidency; Expectations of Trump’s communication with Moscow contrasted with Biden’s method

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