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Ex-CIA: Ukraine is being WIPED OUT by Putin!

Trump awarded MAJOR triumph in incompetency case -https://youtu.be/vK0eOr9Wn40. In a recent meeting with Stephen Gardner and Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, the discussion covered numerous pushing concerns associated with the […]

Ex-CIA: US Pentagon PANICS Over NEW Ukraine Leak

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THIS will WRECK millions of lives!

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Tucker Carlson JUST EXPOSED Joe Biden’s Secret!

Stephen Gardner shares Tucker Carlson’s tirade about unclean politics and the elites addiction to war and disorder. Accusations of war criminal offenses versus Israel entail U.S.-supplied white phosphorus artilleries. Trump […]

Biden just SCREWED UP Big Time...

Look Into Col Davis network: https://www.youtube.com/@DanielDavisDeepDive/videos In recent developments, General Lloyd Austin has actually apparently threatened to release American troops to support Ukraine versus Putin if the military doesn’t obtain […]

More Lies About Trump PROVEN FALSE!

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Tucker Carlson WARNS To Get Ready For THIS!

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