Stephen Gardner sits down with LT Colonel Daniel Davis to discuss Zelenskyy spring offensive against Russia and Putin. The likelihood of its success. The real danger we face of nuclear weapons use. Will Zelenskyy make a move on Crimea or just try to hold Bakhmut. Colonel Davis agrees with Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Ukraine attempting to pull a NATO nation into the war or get US military boots on the ground.

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Timestamp: 0:44 Colonel Daniel Davis discusses the attack on 4 Russian aircraft
2:05 Ukraine picked up on a Russian flight path pattern and shot down aircraft
2:50 US Patriot system might have been destroyed by Russian Federation Army
4:30 Will Ukraine be able to push Russia out or be forced to settle?
12:00 The WEST needs to make actionable changes now to protect Ukrainians
18:00 Russia and Ukraine need a “didn’t lose, didn’t lose” outcome
21:00 Poland’s army might enter the war to defend Ukraine
22:40 The American people want to avoid war
23:18 In what scenario will Russia justify nuclear weapon use

1. Over the weekend black smoke filled the air of Russia’s Crimea region after an oil refinery was hit with a Kamikaze drone from Ukraine. Two things, was this attack part of Victoria Nulands bragging about US military intel in Crimea or is the Ukraine hitting Crimea while it waits for mud to dry out?
2. Ukraine has said this was retaliation for hitting Kiev with rockets earlier in the week and killing 26 Ukrainians. Ukraine’s generals say they are ramping up to attack Moscow. Do you think when they say Moscow they actually mean Moscow or do they say Moscow in place of Russian Federation Army?
3. Russian also hit an ammunitions depot for the Ukrainian army. Is this just part of taking out infrastructure and future weapons that could be used against Russia?
4. I have a two part question. You have posited that NATO will be broken up because of the Russia Ukraine war or will at least look different at the least, Do you see France telling China they will side with China over the USA when comes to Taiwan as the first crack in Nato? Also, did you see Poland said France might have a point and Europe kowtowing to the United States for this long might be the wrong move moving forward?

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