Douglas Macgregor: UKRAINE IS DONE If This HAPPENS

Douglas Macgregor takes a seat with Stephen Gardner to go over the autumn of Ukraine. Putins following relocations versus Ukraine. The political corruption festering in Washington DC. The Afghanistan withdrawal. DC is abusing the American people as they create mayhem worldwide. Colonel Douglas Macgregor also concurs with Scott Ritter on how this battle will certainly end and also Moscow’s huge carry on the Ukraine capital of KYIV. Ukraine is reeling from the targeted strikes from Russia. Bahkmut has fallen since today.

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0:01 Colonel Macgregor goes over whether Zelenskyy is a good battle time leader or a puppet
3:49 Major Corruption in Ukraine with donated money and tools
6:50 Why is the media covering for Biden on the Afghanistan withdrawal?
15:15 Is United States Congress abusing the armed forces for money and also power?
16:00 Congress will certainly promote battle with China to obtain even more cash
18:15 Does DC desire war or tranquility? Whole lots of money in war
20:40 Russia with crush Ukraine and Europe will revoke war to survive and also return to normal life
24:00 Judge Andrew Napolitano states this war has actually ended up being individual in between Biden and Putin
25:00 DC is the principle factor for misery and also difficulty in the United States

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