Ex-CIA: DC Puppet-Masters Abandon Ukraine To Russia

Previous CIA Ray McGovern rests down with Stephen Gardner to speak about the Russia Ukraine Battle, China’s enhancing presence on the planet of diplomacy, Zelenskyy, Putin, Poland and also much more.

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Timestamp: 0:05 Ray McGovern previous CIA and also Security expert to Ronald Reagan
1:00 Why would certainly a former head of CIA lie to the American public to affect a political election?
6:00 Why did Michael Morrill throw Antony Blinken under the boat at this time?
7:45 Why is Susan Rice deserting Biden right currently?
11:00 there is a similarity between Bobby Kennedy running throughout a battle as well as RFK currently running
12:20 China won’t permit Russia to lose the Russia Ukraine battle
14:30 Russia degraded China and currently China wishes to take the lead on this peace offer
19:00 Zelenskyy asks China for a diplomacy call. Did NATO authorize this or are they betrayed?
26:50 Zelenskyy has to please NATO and also the Ukrainian Nazi cartel
29:00 Is Poland privately hoping Ukraine wins the war in order to get Western Ukraine?

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