Ex-CIA Spy: The UNITED STATES Is In MAJOR Trouble (Andrew Bustamante)

Andrew Bustamante, a former CIA spy, rests down with Stephen Gardner to talk about the different means global powers around the globe wish to see the US autumn. The world wishes to remove the USA as the world extremely power. How is the United States truly standing with Ukraine? We aren’t. We are permitting them to protect substantial amounts of financial debt so United States will certainly have Ukraine. Putin will certainly hold out up until Russia wins. Andrew Bustamante shares there more than 100,000 spies in the US from various other nations. President Biden isn’t reviewing the Presidential Daily Brief. This is Part 2 of a 2 part interview.

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Which country expects the downfall of America the most? 0:01
Exactly how is the U.S. actually supporting Ukraine? 3:16
What is the most likely result of Russia/Ukraine battle? 7:40
The number of covert representatives exist in America? 8:54
Does President Joe Biden read the safety and security rundowns he gets? 14:50
Does the CIA location people in the media? 17:55
Exists anything to the whistleblower story about aliens? 21:34

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