Ex-CIA: US Pentagon PANICS Over NEW Ukraine Leak

Follow Larry Johnson at http://sonar21.com In this informative video clip, Larry Johnson looks into numerous pushing geopolitical issues, shedding light on the complex dynamics that presently shape global events. One notable factor of discussion revolves around Jake Sullivan, a vital figure in the White House, apparently prompting Israel in conclusion its recurring dispute prior to the 2024 election. Johnson elevates provocative inquiries concerning the potential motivations behind such demands– whether it is to avoid disturbance with the election or to offer a positive picture of President Biden before voting day.

The video clip also explores the escalating tensions near the Red Sea involving the United States Navy and Yemen’s Houthis. Johnson offers useful insights into the identification of the Houthis and the wider context of the geopolitical landscape in the region. The calculated relevance of the Red Sea and its effects on global relations includes deepness to the evaluation.

China’s financial gains, going beyond $150 billion, resulting from Russia’s activities in Ukraine end up being a focal factor of conversation. Johnson guesses on whether this financial benefit affected China’s recommendation of Russia’s assault post-Olympics. The interconnectedness of global geopolitical techniques and economic interests concerns the forefront in this segment.

Addressing Ukraine’s struggle in the continuous conflict, Johnson elevates worries regarding their possible loss, not simply as a result of army factors yet additionally financial constraints. The video clip touches on the proposal of the US providing $300 billion in confiscated Russian properties to Ukraine, contemplating the potential consequences on US-Russia relationships.

The break down of settlements for a brand-new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas comes to be a significant aspect of the discussion, with Johnson expressing concerns regarding the prolonged duration of the dispute and the possibility of a hostage exchange prior to the year’s end.

The video ends with a provocative inquiry right into the factors behind various other Muslim nations avoiding from assaulting Israel and their seeming hesitation to use haven to Palestinians. This thorough evaluation gives viewers with a nuanced understanding of the complex geopolitical landscape and urges a much deeper exploration of these crucial global problems.

For those looking for insightful conversations on geopolitics and global relations, Larry Johnson’s video clip provides a wealth of details, blending evaluation with provocative questions.

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