Ex-CIA: White House PANICS Over Newly Exposed War Crimes

Former CIA Ray McGovern takes a seat with Stephen Gardner to talk about the Russia Ukraine War. Why Putin is getting ready for a lengthy war. Why Biden and also Scholz are in difficulty for screwing up the Nord Stream pipeline and why they are covering it up with ridiculous stories. Plus Ray McGovern exposes China is much a lot more associated with the Russia Ukraine battle that any person is admitting.

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Timestamp: 0:05 Ray McGovern previous CIA and also Security expert to Ronald Reagan
6:25 How NATO prompted Ukraine Russia battle for over a years with 2022 being the final straw
7:19 Current CIA head is lying regarding Russia
9:00 Real Reason Putin proceeded Ukraine
11:20 China approved the Russia Ukraine war at the Olympics
15:50 China much more engaged than we recognized
21:00 Ray testified to UN Security Council about the NORD STREAM pipeline
Due to the fact that of nationwide safety and security, 25:00 Sweden understands that did the blast but declines to claim.
27:00 USA screwed over Germany as well as German economic climate
31:00 How the RUSSIAGATE hoax was pulled off
33:30 United States recognized the Russia Sancations weren’t functioning

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