More Lies About Trump PROVEN FALSE!

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The script reviews Senator Mitch McConnell’s low authorization scores compared to Senator Bob Menendez and highlights the rising expense of living in the United States. It criticizes Special Counsel Jack Smith’s strategy to check out individuals that connected with Donald Trump on Twitter. The ordinary family members is reported to be investing $11,400 more annually, contrasting with the savings from Trump’s tax cuts.

There’s reference of House Speaker Mike Johnson connecting help for Ukraine to sustain for the U.S. boundary, and a team, “Americans for Prosperity Action,” backing Nikki Haley as a possible candidate to defeat Donald Trump. Governor Ron DeSantis reacts negatively to this, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggests supporting Haley to obstruct Trump.

The manuscript touches on billionaire influence, with Mark Cuban eliminating presidential run reports and Elon Musk dealing with complaints of antisemitism. It additionally keeps in mind positive advancements, such as Hamas releasing captives amid ceasefire negotiations.

Last but not least, it states a letter in the Donald Trump NYC scams situation, indicating Deutsche Bank’s interest in Trump as a financially rewarding customer. If billionaire Mark Cuban is preparing to run for president, the script wraps up by doubting.

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