Scott Ritter: Ukraine Is Being DESTROYED And Pentagon Papers Prove It

Scott Ritter reviews the Ukraine Russia war with Stephen Gardner. Plus Stephen obtains Scott’s reaction to the senate eliminating war authority, cash and also armed forces use in Iraq after 20+ years.

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TIMESTAMP: 0:53 China is a lot more associated with the Russia Ukraine battle than they allow on
3:44 Putin and Xi Jinping are really close
6:40 Scott explains just how deep the relationship between Russia and China has actually come to be
7:40 Scott information exactly how Bakhmut has actually not fallen as well as what will happen next
10:00 Ritter disagrees with Colonel Douglas macGregor on strategy
13:17 Zelenskyy is attempting to verify Ukraine can beat Russia by holding Bakhmut
15:15 Russia sensation a lot less pressure to win than Ukraine
16:20 Finland signs up with NATO, will Putin strike them next?
20:10 NATO is putting added pressure on Russia while attempting to stay clear of nuclear dispute
23:20 Senate ultimately reverses military use and also money for IRAQ
28:00 Did basic Lloyd Austin keep armed forces attacks in Syria to attempt to maintain Iraq war authority
31:00 Russia will certainly press ahead with their new military of 300,000 this springtime. It won’t end well.

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