Trump gets BEST POSSIBLE news before GOP debate | Sean Spicer

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Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reviews the upcoming GOP debate, predicting abortion and migration will be top topics, along with TikTok. He slams the RNC for allowing NBC host provided their anti-Trump bias. Spicer assumes DeSantis might leave with an inadequate Iowa proving, while Haley can surge with a strong dispute efficiency. He does not see anti-Trump prospects swaying voters.

On Trump, Spicer claims he’s right to avoid disputes given that he’s until now in advance. He anticipates various other prospects will certainly be pressured to drop out and coalesce around Trump. Spicer believes Trump can defeat Biden, leading swing states in polls, specifically given concerns over Biden’s age. Against a substituted Democrat, Spicer worries a smooth talker can do much better than Biden. On Trump’s lawful cases, he argues the left wants Trump off the ballot but sees no actionable situation pre-election.

Spicer discovered being Trump’s press assistant very difficult, learning to intensify Trump’s messages instead than anticipate Trump to comply with comms strategies. He sees the left as intolerant, demanding allegiance to their sights, while the right approves differences. He hopes for unity yet does not understand how with the left’s rigid demands. Spicer continues media job, with a podcast, YouTube program, and other jobs.

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