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President Joe Biden has announced significant progress in the negotiations to bring hostages held by Hamas home, with a 4-day pause in fighting approved by the Israeli government. However, the deal appears to favor Hamas, releasing more hostages and allowing the entry of oil and goods into the city. China’s President Xi, in a BRICS alliance meeting, urged both sides to release civilian hostages immediately and supported a “two-state solution.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky revealed surviving at least five assassination attempts by Russia, indicating ongoing tensions despite a stalled Russia-Ukraine war. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin affirmed Biden’s support for Ukraine during a meeting with Zelensky.

Former President Trump countered criticism from Florida’s Gov. DeSantis about his age, publishing a letter from his physician stating his excellent cognitive health. In contrast, President Biden, who recently turned 81, has not released a similar letter. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s controversial claim that Trump would “execute” enemies stirred minimal media coverage.

The narrator explored the story further on Ground News, revealing right-leaning sources dominating coverage, suggesting potential bias and sensationalism. The video emphasized the importance of critical media consumption during a polarized and controversial era.

In a legal development, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against left-leaning nonprofit organization Media Matters, challenging their allegations of X (formerly Twitter) advertising Neo-Nazi and racist content. The lawsuit asserts Media Matters knowingly manufactured misleading images. State investigations into Media Matters for fraud and deceptive marketing tactics add weight to Musk’s lawsuit.

Amid economic concerns, the sale of previously owned homes has fallen to a 13-year low, attributed to declining mortgage rates. Economist Lawrence Young suggests recession fears may be impacting buying interest, while the narrator anticipates a larger housing crash in 2024, potentially leading to further declines.

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