Col. Tony Shaffer: Russia Is CRUSHING Ukraine

Lt Col. Tony Shaffer and also Stephen Gardner talk about the unfortunate state of Ukraine and the destruction Putin and also Russia have bring upon on Ukraine. Great deals of corruption in Ukraine’s top leaders, including Zelenskyy. We go over the dripped Pentagon Papers, General Milley and also Lloyd Austin as well as the weakness presented by the Biden management with allies and enemies.

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TIMESTAMP: 0:59 How were the Pentagon Papers leaked regarding Ukraine and also Russia?
1:30 Background on the leaked Pentagon Papers
4:30 21 year old obtains access to Joint Chief leading key briefings
7:00 General Milley as well as Lloyd Austin were lying to Senate according to these leakage docs
10:10 More important than the leak is the United States government has actually existed to the American people
11:00 Ukraine requires even more cash and US might have created its very own exit ramp out of this war
13:20 The mainstream media couldn’t neglect this despite the fact that it makes Biden and also Pentagon look bad
15:45 Scott Ritter and also Col. Douglas Macgregor were right on the Ukraine and also Russia death numbers
17:40 Russia will win by having more bullets and bodies
18:45 The Ukraine circumstance is the reverse of what Milley and Lloyd indicated around
21:45 Too many loyal to politics vs the United States constitution
22:20 US being overwhelmed by crooks at the US southerly boundary
25:00 Why is the US losing a lot impact and authority around the globe?
30:10 France sides with China on Taiwan and steers clear of US as well as Biden
32:00 Seymour Hersh launches new report from CIA documents concerning $400 million in taken US tax payer cash. Zelenskyy is on the list
35:00 China is doing much more diplomacy around the globe than US
36:00 Israel states United States has actually deserted them as well as they will certainly transform to China

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