‘DC Corruption RUINING AMERICA’ – This MUST To Be Stopped NOW! | Col. Macgregor

Ukraine is losing and NATO knows it. Zelenskyy is in a quiet battle in between selling out Ukraine to obtain money for Ukraine as well as losing his life or position. Ex-Cia Ray McGovern is right, the military-industrial complex is making profits off the shed lives of Ukrainian and also Russian soldiers as well as no one cares since they aren’t American guys and also ladies.

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Timestamps: 0:06 Zelenskyy mocks Trumps phone call to finish the battle and also claims Biden might do it 5 minutes.
1:00 How Macgregor would end the war quickly and properly. End monetary assistance and also draw people from the area right away and after that demand peace negotiation and also department of land.
3:18 Zelenskyy has given up hundreds of thousands of lives FOR NOTHING!
4:00 Ukraine not allowed right into Ukraine. Why isn’t NATO permitting Ukraine to enter?
6:30 Multiple DC leaders tricked by Russian pranksters because their EGO wishes to be seen as huge
Due to the fact that none of them are American soldiers, 9:50 CIA McGovern claims armed forces industrial complicated raking in cash while people pass away. Profits over people is the name of this dry run.

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