Scott Ritter: Ukraine BOMBARDED By Russia’s MISSILE ATTACK!!

Scott Ritter speaks with Stephen Gardner about the Russian missile attack ordered by Putin on Ukraine as a revenge attack for the bombing of the Crimea bridge. Odessa will become the new focus point of the war to control the black sea port.

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Timestamps: 0:29 New Attack on Crimea Bridge in Russia by Ukraine special forces
4:11 The Crimea bridge is important for commerce. This is a blow to Russia and Putin
6:40 Ukraine sees this bridge as a legitimate war target
8:48 This attack was to hurt Putin’s ego and military equipment movement
10:30 Ukraine is trying to starve Russia of support and access
11:40 Russia believes Crimea is Russia
13:20 Russia will unleash a huge amount of missile attacks on Ukraine
15:00 Ukraine used either a Remus 600 water drone or a remote control jet ski
16:18 Putin punishes Odessa with massive revenge attack with missiles
17:40 Russia is showing the grain deal is really over
18:30 Odessa will now be harassed and become a focal point on this war
20:00 Russia plans to win this war at all costs
21:30 Will UK Shadow missiles be used to take out the Crimea bridge?

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